What Is Face Yoga?

"Big 0" Pose 3 sets of 10 second duration
Red areas show increased circulation and blood flow.
Tones and strengthens the main muscles of the face.

  • Better Circulation = Better Complexion = Better Skin

  • All natural form of exercises specializing on the face muscles.
  • Learn to become conscious of holding patterns and the everyday stress that appears on the face.
  • Strengthen, tone and relax.
  • You can change your face. One day at a time.

Signs your face could benefit from a little care with Face Yoga exercises

  • smaller eyes
  • droopy eyelids
  • both corners of the mouth are getting low
  • nasolabial folds are getting longer and deeper
  • wrinkles made on the face while sleeping are not disappearing easily in the morning
  • under the eye area getting droopy
  • more wrinkles present on the eye area
  • weight being lost from the cheeks
  • jaw line becoming rounder
  • face line getting less defined
  • face getting flatter
  • smile getting unnatural
  • keeping your mouth open unconsciously
  • looking heavier without changing your weight
  • having trouble speaking clearly at times
  • choking on food more than before
  • skin feeling different
  • feeling more self-conscious in public
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