About Gabriela

Gabriela Wilkon has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.

She developed a daily yoga routine to naturally return to health after a repetitive strain injury. The stress of leaning over and planting trees in Northern Canada countless times per day took it’s toll on the body. It was only through the daily practice of yoga that balance was restored.

Years later, a mother of two active boys, the first wrinkle, a frown line appeared. Again it was the daily repetitive facial expression that caused imbalance on the face. Through a daily yoga routine, this time concentrating on the face, she was able to become aware of the facial holding patterns, relax and strengthen the area and, once more, naturally bring the body back to balance.

It is the daily movements and patterns that show on and in our bodies. They are either conscious or unconscious, beneficial or harmful.

Her message is to bring awareness to our unconscious patterns, by bringing balance back. FACE YOGA is her tool of choice.